My Souly Thingy?

What if it’s
A movie making team
Plot twist stirrer
Setting up and recording
Making sure I don’t get boreing
Eventfull dramma
Meaning designer
Not keeping me
Under Glass


2 thoughts on “My Souly Thingy?

  1. Alan J. Blaustein

    I like your use of the keyword “glass.” I subscribe to two word-a-day lists, and occasionally, a word jumps out as the first word (or phrase using the word) of the poem.

    If this is a movie set, where are the cameras? Or, which side of the glass are we on?

    1. Waywardspirit Post author

      Wow two words a day!
      I’m occupied by just one.
      It seems to do it all and since its a person’s soul the person is a part of it as well as actor. Maybe we set it all up and in motion before we chose to really play hard go all in forget who we are and just be an amazing human being lost and filled with wonder. : )


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