Then What?

Deprive my soul thingy
Of stories to collect
Of desperate choices
Dangerous encounters
Clashing wills
Dark nights
Triumph of wills
Irreplaceable loss
Implacable spirit
Brocken open hearts
Catalysts story arcs
Unexpected twists



12 thoughts on “Then What?

    1. Waywardspirit Post author

      Yeah that works for a while lol
      Then what once you’ve had your fill?
      I’m guessing the soul goes for Doritots and Twinkies. It’s a sweet and savory experience.

      1. Robert Cox

        I’m not so good at discerning whether I’ve had my fill. My stomach will say “Full!” then I’ll reply “But I want to experience this forever!?”

        1. Waywardspirit Post author

          Oh yeah I get it! Dorito’s salty goodness is a siren. So I guess it fits in with the rest of life’s Odyssy. Another dangerous adventure delicious disguised. I tie myself to the mast to saunter past the Doritos isle.

                1. Waywardspirit Post author

                  Yeah can’t get that light optimistic feeling in your belly and in your body from the delight of chewing Twinkies and a whole bag of Doritos.
                  Then there is looking good…
                  Eat well. Feel good. Yeah.

  1. Alan J. Blaustein

    Life is like that—for various species growing out rocks on the ocean floor. For us, not so simple. We can move around and think about it, and that’s all complexity needs.


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