From the start of
A lifetime
To it’s end
*Quest Complete*




8 thoughts on “Voyage

      1. Robert Cox

        Well, I think present science which I shall call Einsteinian is now false. I think it was true when the atom bomb was invented, but I think the state of the science called physics is now backwards and false.

        In relation to the above, I used to think I was a collection of molecules. Collection of atoms just bloody DETERMINED to replicate; to be fruitful and to multiply.

        Now I’m not so sure. I think I am god incarnate. But how will god go on a (pardon my English) fucking quest? Can’t happen. God knows everything. Nothing for which to missionquest, then.

        1. Waywardspirit Post author

          Who knows.
          It’s as bs
          Yet I’m just going for whatever bs best helps me understand reality or try to any way.
          Since I tend to act and live by what I belive.
          Maybe we are the human avatars of our godselves pkaying high stakes virtual reality games.
          Whatever else it may mean and however illogical it is to be a god trapped atm in human form for the fun of it it means you matter and are precious and have choices. That’s a good way to be games into feeling then to act like live like.
          When I discover a better story I’ll change mine. ; )

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