Snuggle the Struggle

“I don’t understand hate”
Hate the euphemism for
All the crap
I didn’t get before
My sugary apathy
Hates back



7 thoughts on “Snuggle the Struggle

    1. Waywardspirit Post author

      Thank you for the smiles and sunshine.
      Assumption of “other” without wondering may be a bit of haten on. Yes very sad pockets of humanity.
      I wonder what our emerging humanity will be like.
      You spark good thoughts. Thank you

    1. Waywardspirit Post author

      : )

      To wonder what besides just blameing “hate” cuz I’m ignorant about the motivations of terrified people. Especially when you really really believe the whole world hangs in danger of gods destruction and retribution cuz abominations are going on.
      I’m not sure how to fix it. But it’s more like love than hate. Must be torture to believe that kinda thing in the modern world then enduring the consequences to say nothing of finding out some day that your whole belief system was the problem and you were duped and there is nothing you can do to fix it.
      Still wondering how this can be prevented way before irreversible pain solutions get implemented.
      “I just don’t understand “”hate”” Doesn’t make me to good for hate. Just ignorant.

      1. tarnishedsoul

        Sadly, evil will evolve to exist in the current world. I can’t comprehend what it takes to take human life so callously, but I have to believe in something and I desperately want to believe that love can overcome all.
        Being a part of the LGBT community, I can imagine the pain that is felt. It’s a reality that has to be changed.

        1. Waywardspirit Post author

          I’m looking forward to how humanity outgrows all this lame ignorance and evolves to quit having convincing reasons to hurt eachother. I want to be a part of it.


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