Painted Days

Some mornings

Need More color red

Afternoons more Bright blue swirls

Yellow stars of expectation

The color palette’s yours




3 thoughts on “Painted Days

  1. Alan J. Blaustein

    You have a better eye for the visual, seeing how colors change during the day. I see only one color for each day, Monday as brown, Tuesday as yellow, and so on.

    Has anyone notice how WP keeps trying to put a “u” in color? Flagged twice as error in three lines.

  2. Waywardspirit Post author

    I don’t know what to say. I have zero grip on imagining monday brown. How can tuesday be only only only yellow. My mind rebels.
    It’s imansly interesting to me that you are able to do that. If music has colors for you thee is a fab TED Talk about experianceing the world in colors.
    No solid day colors for me.
    I’m a swirly type. Every day lots of shades times feelings.
    I like the way your mind does the opposite. Facinating.

    Have noticed WP use the Brit spelling for color.
    Seems they are both correct.


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