That awkward moment.

Please help me explain this to my three daughters.


2 thoughts on “Please Categorise US Presidents by Race and Gender

  1. williambean2014

    The pattern is very clear and needs little explanation. The individuals who are represented are the elected presidents. Every four years the individual citizens who are eligible to vote and who cast their ballots select by a majority of votes in their congressional districts the individual on the ballot they believe would make the best president. The individual candidate who wins at least 270 electoral votes wins the election.

    Now if one is asking why there are not more individuals of color or women who have been elected president then you must search the history of the United States to determine such an answer. If one is looking for a moral answer there is none since an individual who votes for his or her choice for president does not engage in basing his or her decision on moral choices. Just as the purchase of an automobile has little moral basis as buying a gallon of milk, so our choices in political arenas seldom carry moral choices or values.

    If one is explaining the choices individuals make according to their cultural learnings, because culture is learned (but not quite the same way for each individual), then one must undertake the study of human behavior from the individual to the group membership.

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