rise and shine!

Gaby and I can talk…best friends and sisters.


5 thoughts on “rise and shine!

  1. Waywardspirit Post author

    Love it when all I have to do is re-blog. What I mean is said.
    The fabulessness of being an artist a human a friend and best of all a sister flying on the breakers is how the world is our ocean. I love the world.

  2. Shackled and Crowned

    So interesting! I’m so glad I came across this.
    I’ve been in the food industry since the day I began waiting tables at 15 years old. Half of my life has been spent in kitchens. I’ve worked my way up to chef, and I’m proficient in everything between. I couldn’t love any other work more (unless it meant working for myself…every kitchen foodies dream).
    Your idea of writing about the industry is very fascinating to me. I’d love to hear more about it.

    1. Gabriela LeBaron

      Thank you, I can’t wait to write all about it! Pressing things are upon me, so I can’t do it just yet. Basically, I would like to combine all elements of the industry to make an immaculate model ~ or at least as best as we can get for this new era.

      The elements are all the common knowledge ones (location, food served, service, appearance, advertising, etc.) and the ones that can slip under the carpet and be hidden by good PR, like the voice & expression allowed by employees, and their dignity respected. This can be taken to even a higher level where not only do you respect your employees, you support their higher goals with better pay, allowance for free time & time off, etc. and listening to their needs, complaints, concerns, etc. Bosses have *HUGE* potential to support and help their staff, and in return the staff will naturally be the most loyal and dedicated. The business can run as usual…

    2. Waywardspirit Post author

      A kindred spirit you are Crowned. I’m glad to know the way I feel and Gabriela feels about working in service is the way you feel and honor yourself.
      It’s also great to see your good mind around here again!
      : )


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