The state of My state, dictates my state, and how I relate to my State.

State of mind

Emotional state

State of home

Writing states

My spirit’s state

Physical state I’m in

The state my game got at

State of my friendship hat

State of my kin

State of the light in her eye

State of my garden wars

State of my inner horse

Blogs injected states

State of traffic

State at work at play

Cuddled with deadly State

Smiling Wild State

Stating in the Union

Of Texas State

Anonymous state of disunion

State of all States

State of communion

State of every World

State this Web of Light reflects

My statement

Inner State

You are a Pattern of Light-Waywardspirit

What is the state of Yours?

Daily Post

Weekly Writing Challenge:

State of my State


20 thoughts on “Seeing What State My State Is In

    1. Waywardspirit Post author

      You are a tough customer.
      I’m thrilled!
      Been working on my inner dictatorship. Trying to figure out what to do with my Hitler, my inner Jews, my Israel and my Palestine. Not to mention my inner USA. My ow war on drugs and Cartels, and the resistance. They are so cute sometimes.

  1. george-b

    Not today I wasn’t, I was more like Neptune’s Trident…Please forgive my unintended, but still…

    Have a great day. By the way what did you decide? you can reblogg, from me, and it, of course would be all right…

    1. Waywardspirit Post author

      Stole it.
      Desired total simplicity.
      Ought to reblog you more often.
      Had to have that one on my Waywardspirit FB.
      My given name is Bridget.
      The picture is “Bridge It.”
      The art of making bridges with thrown stones fascinates me.
      It is your thing, I know to share info and art to “bridge it.”
      I just happen to have a pile of beautiful stones, good for more than soup.
      Thanks so much George, my friend.
      You are total awesomeness.

      1. george-b

        I’m so glad, that you are so creative, to find an artisan’s approach to everything…You know, really You can reblogg all you want. For me it was a shock when reblogging from a website, I was told that I should ask for permission first, when everybody else is glad that their artistry is deserving of the attention of a reblog.
        Indeed, It is Bridge It, and that’s how it’s done. Sometimes I feel insecure about attaching a comment, a personal thought to the post I reblogg, but it’s fine after I realize that many a time My comment is welcome, like a bow on a wrapped gift, 🙂

        I can barely wait to see what you’re going to do with your “bridge It” rock set
        Thanks again!

    1. Waywardspirit Post author

      A blooming spirit
      Color of bright
      Physical flower
      Pattern of Light
      In patterns of sun
      Patterns of feeling
      Patterns of night
      Pattern permeable masks
      All patterns all right

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  3. downtownmilwaukie

    My inner demons ride my inner horses. Well I have three horses- Quadfax, Jellybean and Justice. So yeah, them demons jump on them and that’s when I freak out. Actually, This is all a lie.


    But “inner horse” is good.

    Actually, maybe I DIDN’T lie, because if I admit to lying and THAT’S a lie…



    1. Waywardspirit Post author

      Maybe it’s a lie unbeknownst to you for only one being a horse and the others of undiscovered species, so you just figure they are horse. Have you asked, or experienced or been told or just know? three is a good number. I doubt they are all horses. Just saying. ; )
      More interesting demons… these I would love to meet mounted!

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