20 thoughts on “Wondering: What Is Hidden?

    1. Waywardspirit Post author

      Great observation Nimal!
      Yeah, a greedy princess is always trouble. If she was greedy…a compassion growing experience may be helpful. Do you think she will still be greedy is she was? And if she grows, how long does it take? Days? Years? Generations?

      1. Nirmal Bajwa

        the real greed has to go from heart. the contentment can only come from the soul. though compassion is a good thing but i feel unless we have empathy, the real compassion will not come. 🙂

          1. Nirmal Bajwa

            fitting yourself into other shoes and contentment can come through real search, the search of self, once you come in harmony with yourself and nature, when the clutter of thoughts will leave the mind,
            (when you stop analyzing past and planning future but learn to live in present).

    1. Waywardspirit Post author

      Yes, yes,
      “she defeats herself”. Hmmmh
      So, you see the beggar woman…
      Assertiveness training indeed!
      It can bring out the princess…
      …Maybe some food and care…


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