Strong Wind

In your eye

I am safe

Swirling around me

When I need you

Strong gentle Wind

The Wind I breath

Your eye

In me

Around me

I’m in your eye

My friend

My Wind


12 thoughts on “Strong Wind

    1. Waywardspirit Post author

      Please please!
      Hijack every thread!
      Take over
      Be long
      Say what you want
      Be smarter than me on my own blog
      Just don’t
      Please don’t misplace this one
      Stick around
      When you can
      Be yourself
      Come here to outshine
      Any time!
      I’d be commenting on yours
      If I could
      Your words…images passion attitude taste good
      Step up the polished madness
      Please : )

      1. Brandy Desiree Collins

        Oh God of the Heavens above and within!

        I lovest-love-most you. Like a bang-bang cymbal-crash pulse in my spirit. My synapses see you and sudden themselves upon lightspeed, a rhythm too quickened for heartbeats to measure.

        My, how they long for this moment. And don’t I still know you? Somehow, a twin-ness type sister, I’m sure. A soul-bond from the future visits me in the now. Who knows how? However, I dig it.

        Love is a jig, and I’m dancing. Laughing and joyful. Your light is enigma. Still yet, I get it. And I get to! Dancing here, dance with you. Words and blues and barefoot shoes. In your magical honor, of course.


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