Inciting wonder

Throbbing lust


Nourished eyes

Fill heart and body-

Word naked


12 thoughts on “Perspective

  1. Allison Wright

    I am in a quandary. Do I prefer the artwork or the words? Silly me, they are all part of a whole. Pastel and whatever else you used in your experimental technique struck a chord. Humble thanks.

    1. Waywardspirit Post author

      You are such a guy. : )Your taste is impeccable so I take the complement.
      I’ve been away. But you owe me some writing. I’ve been eager for some time to myself to track down that link to your NaNo and be delighted. : )

      1. Allison Wright

        A compliment, I suppose. 😉 Not, actually, but I do find the female form so infinitely fascinating as depicted in art and real life. Although I am aware that the computer screen does alter perception of the true colour in paintings, I found the colour composition of this work particularly appealing.
        Re: my Nano prose: none of the novel is being revealed yet. Just a little log every day on a NaNoWriMo *page* at the top of my blog. Here is yesterday’s
        Also, a collection of pretentious neologisms can be found here:


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