42 Diversity Challenges

Best way to “fix” a human with zero regard for humanity?
Expose ’em to others just like ’em.

I would say: “That’ll learn em!” if I wasn’t talking about myself.


42 Favorite Things

Been away
To top secret site
Losing tracers
So they don’t
Crash paradise
Godiva chocolate shake
Fresh roast coffee
Omaha steak
To Dagny Taggert
Henry Rearden
John Galt
They don’t belive
In iPhone
Pizza delivery
Eny of it
They love it


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A poem to all my fellow insomniatic writers.


42 Portals

Originally posted on tismond:

If you’ve ever found yourself writing your best work during what the normal folk call “ungodly hours” then I think you’ll agree with me on this one:

The Unobserved Hour

The clock strikes three
A time where logic loses its edge
And the conscious mind free falls
Off the edge of sanity,

Where the burdened brain shatters
And impossibilities merge with reality
Into a kaleidoscope so obscene
That only cold dreamers can perceive:

They watch our long caged desires
Transcend the laws of religion
Tear through the holes of science
And past the prison of society

To a place where none shall judge you
No inferno to sway your conscience
All boundaries removed and banished
So creativity shall reign supreme

This is the hour of lovers
All poets and artists to be
Once bound by the chains of reason
Now freed from their slavery.


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